i did watch it, it doesnt say any of them are gay? they are all fighting each other



you shouldve put the subtitles on it was all there

"Shemale" is a term used to erase and invalidate a trans woman’s identity as a female or fetishize us. It’s not funny. Words like "tranny" and "shemale" are not funny or cute. They’re cruel and derisive. You’re no trans ally if you use them. "Trap" is a word created to imply that trans women are deceiving men for sex. It propagates the fear that gets us murdered. Trans people asking folks to stop using "tranny" isn’t censorship/word-policing. We’re just asking to not be verbally bashed.

      R Y U G A Z A K I    R E I

tag the porn i reblog appropriately

still lose like 3 followers

im sorry OTL




my favourite thing will always be cis people who get angry about the word cis


hot topic has reached new levels of trash


I had to dedicate at least one whole picture to the glorious thing that is Bigby’s chest