I saw a pic of Ramona flowers and I was like “hey I think i follow her” and then I realized it was actually Ramona flowers and not one of her 3000 lookalikes that I follow





there’s no such thing as being fake queer or fake trans because these things are defined wholly by self-identification and behavior. if you want to be queer or trans but aren’t sure if you’re real enough, congratulations, you’re already there. the big secret is that almost everyone is afraid of being fake. this is because there is a very powerful impetus from the rest of the world that wants you to believe that you are not fundamentally queer/trans and that therefore you should forego these things and just be “normal”. this is of course a miserable way to exist and embracing agency in being queer or trans is one of the most fulfilling things you can do


so sorry to put this on your dash. i can’t believe i got art of this nerdy shithead in his nerdy underwear.

credit: milesupshur.


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It does contribute, actually!! ;;

i feel like my personality is all over the place. sometimes i’m really logical and practical and cold and other times i’m very emotionally charged, and sometimes i’m a huge pushover and let ppl walk on me and sometimes i’m ridiculously impatient with people, and i feel like my interests and my humor and my manner of speaking change depending upon who i talk to and i feel kinda… fake.

i feel like i just become what other people want me to be. while dating my ex that was 100% not right for me (he was a straight guy that was dating me, a trans guy), i literally started to present more feminine because i felt that’s what he’d like. and i feel like its because i just wanna be liked and not face any sort of rejection in the slightest. i just want to conform my personality to be one that no one dislikes. i guess.

and with my gender, i feel like just trying to be something that everyone likes but that makes no sense.

my gender is a whole mess of fucky ducky. whenever i think i’ve found something that describes me properly, i get all anxious about it and go back to just “non-binary” because i feel like i’m just this, formless blob.

i feel like my bpd has something to do with my shaky sense of self and identity.


friendship necklaces where one says “eat” and the other says “ass”


i didnt know that was autism related i thought everyone did that: the movie

its 2014 can we stop making fun of girls that post pictures of themselves online saying “i’m so ugly” expecting to be complimented and can we start trying to, idk, tell more girls that they are beautiful? can you try to find a bit of empathy and pay more attention to the fact that they are starving for attention/affection because they feel deprived of it? it’s not like these girls are out to purposely manipulate people or they do it because it’s fun. just tell them they look great. just fucking do it it’s not hard.

i’m in love with the headcanon of bpd sousuke dont fight me

the sea was wild tonight